Hi, My name is P. Alexander Roberts II and I am the inventor of the MiniZoo golf bag cover. I've been caddying for over 30 years and I decided that the individual head cover was not good enough. We here at MiniZoo have taken the animal head cover to the next level.

Zoolishous!!! What I have invented is the only fully functional cover for any size or name brand golf bag with stand legs. The MiniZoo golf bag cover comes in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and adult). The cover has zippers that allow the player to gain access to all compartments any bag may have. All of the friction points are reinforced and the head slips on and off easily to access the clubs, it is machine washable. The word MiniZoo describes the array of animals available now and more to come.

Phone Number: (310)-463-0933
E-MAIL: minizoogolf@yahoo.com
ADDRESS: MiniZoo 2250 Fuller Wiser Road #5201
Euless TX 76039